Beautiful scenery at Tea Plantations

Cameron Highlands is one of Malaysias tourist attractions. Ranging high over the low lands it has daytime temperatures around 23 degrees Celsius,. In this climate grows not only strawberries but tea as well. Several tea plantations and Malaysian tea brands have their home here in the Cameron Highlands.

It’s breath taking scenery with the tropical tea gardens smoothly covering the curvy hillsides. At an altitude around 1500 meters above sea level in a tropical climate the experience is fantastic.

At the BOH plantations at Sungai Palas you can walk in the tea plantations and enjoy the ready tea at the modern architecture building with a majestic position overlooking the tea gardens.



This interesting architecture gives an extra edge to the experience. You can also visit the factory, get an introduction to tea production process, and of course spend in the sales gallery – think I have tea for the next year ahead!
Worth visiting – great for walks and photography.

For the brave, other hilltops around can be reached, passing through tea gardens and tropical rain forest. Or drive to the station for telecoms towers where you can see everything around. I was unfortunate and had some mist covering up when I reached the summit, and claimed the tower, but it’s rainy season.



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