100 days get healthy challenge

Started on January 1st 2016 like many others with new year resolutions getting fit, healthy and all that… Its basically about a goal of a focused approach to how I can change regular non healthy habits, hopefully get a few new better ones and how I can monitor and track this using all types of fit bits and smartphone apps so I can really see my progress…This is what I will do

  • be active at least 30 minutes per day
  • eat lean and green – lots of veggies and also some berries and fruits
  • cut carbs, sugar and zero alcohol 
  • get into yoga and pilates (newbie) and running
  • create better sleeping habit 

I will evaluate progress with Jawbone and AppleWatch tracking and will use MyFitnessPal and UP to see progress.

Why is this a challenge? I haven’t been able to create a proper weekly routine I have been able to follow for more than 2-3 weeks in a row. Therefore, instead of doing the regular new year resolution of trying hard in January only to see that it didn’t work out when approaching midsummer. I have made up tons of excuses, I travel a lot and getting little structure in daily life, and I have a lot of social and work related wining and dining… plus on top of that I have had a knee injury so that the running that used t be my waistline saver has been difficult to maintain. I had to wear flat shoes for 3 years. Thats improving now. I was treated from breast cancer in 2010 and after that never got into very regular running at least not long distance with my knee problem and hundreds of excuses. Since I got cancer and treatments my body went through some early changes and I believe that I got into menopause very early. Women dont get anything for free when the hormone changes in the body. On top of that I have last year been weighing a max of 71 kg. Thats a very depressing thing and half of my closet is full of wonderful pieces I cannot wear. I have managed to loose a few important kilos now and feeling already motivated for my own imposed challenge. My goal is to get more energy, be happier about myself, improve my training patterns and active goal on a daily basis. Overall a better healthy me in 100 days!

My 2016 challenge is on – I will make the next 100 days work for my body and mind and hopefully have some interesting learnings to share!

If you want to join me please do! IMG_4756


2 thoughts on “100 days get healthy challenge

  1. Nice effort, definitely go for it, but in the process don’t forget to enjoy yourself. If not, it turns out to be a duty which can be dropped due to multiple reasons.

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