Crystal clear water – white beaches in Malaysia

Malaysia is a country that has some fantastic beaches that are little crowded and have fantastic clear waters!
In this blog post i have uploaded some photos from the Malaysian East Coast and the area of Redang / Perhentian.

Palau Redang (Redang Island)

My favorite beaches in Malaysia are here. They are white beaches with crystal clear waters – and you can dive straight from the beach. Not many places you can do beach dives and find the most spectacular dives just outside your resort.

Crystal clear water with shore dive and snorkeling 

Redang island

The beach in front of Laguna is pristine and one of the places you can go shore diving.

Redang Island

(Beach / pictures from The Taras Resort in separate post)

Palau Langtenah

This tiny tiny island is a fantastic place for couples or families who love nature. This island has smaller beaches all with crystal clear water and you can see fish even from the jetty!

Fantastic palm beach hiding the resort behind

Langtenah island

Palm shadow reflection on the crystal clear beach 

Langtenah Island

Coral sant and shore dives from this beach

Langtenah Island

Selfie on the beach 

Sissel Henriette

Peherentian Islands – good for diving

I’ve so far only been to the largest island, and the quieter areas, yet seen all the beaches on this island. Many resorts and accomodation options, yet no 4 or 5 stars. I’ll cover Perhentian in separate post. Good diving for sure!

Sissel Henriette - gone diving

Please follow blog for more pristine beaches and tropical hideaways! 


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