Angkor Wat /Siam Reap fabulous retreat Hotel De La Paix

Hotel De La Paix – Siam Reap – good design

The exterior of the Hotel De La Paix is a modest and rather discrete entry, but once into the hallway the inspiration from the architecture from the fabulous ruins of Angkor Wat is stunning.
Inspired by the temples and architecture of these, you will find that room after room and hallway design are replicated from the ancient floor plans. And with beautiful sculptures.


Tree and water features in an oasis of a court yard

The courtyard is representing the similar to the temples and the water features that you will find in the main temples of UNESCO heritage Angkor Wat. At daytime this courtyard is a relaxing cool oasis and at night time a perfect romantic spot with dramatic open fire and water mirrors. The middle tree gives a peaceful athmosphere.


Sitting on one of the swings in the courtyard is perfect for a long breakfast brunch, but perhaps even better at night with a lovely glass of red. Beautiful decoration items, all in subtle color scheme and adds to the elegant yet warm athmosphere.


Christmas tree of white feathers

I spent the Christmas Eve 2011 in this hotel, and with a lovely supper in the courtyard with the Christmas tree decoration was the most stunning part of the setting. The Christmas tree and the art installation was already a great view in itself, a tree hanging from the high ceilings made out of white feathers…. surrounded by small elephants and sculptures on the black surface water bassin made a dramatic view. Christmas Eve was even a more dramatic and artistic set up: with 100 ice blocks surrounding the white feather Christmas tree this was an esthetic Christmas gift to all os us attending.



Comfortable rooms – you need it after hours of temple walking 

The rooms at the hotel has a beautiful interior design with intersting photography from Angkor Wat and art books on the photography. I like the open space between bathroom / bathtub. The colour scheme and decorations in the rooms are discrete and elegant.


Finally my last tribute to this hotel design is the pool and spa area which is an oasis after a long day in the Angkor Wat ruins with perhaps sore feet and need for a treat. I loved their signature SPA treatment that I had 2 times during my stay, in the tastefully decorated SPA in Asian contemporary style. I like the day beds outside and by the pool, relaxed space for reading and sleeping.


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