Secluded and less crowded beaches in Thailand

The beaches of Thailand are some of the main attractions… there are many… some are very crowded! This blog post show pictures from some of the more secluded and less crowded beaches I have been to – all pics by me – if you go please share your views! 🙂

KOH SAMET – the tiny island close to Bangkok


This island is small, and can be crowded on weekends and public holidays. Koh Samet is a tropical island is in reach within 3 hours drive and a short ferry ride from Bangkok. Try the secluded Ao Wai beach (picture above). I recommend a day trip to this pristine coral beach; pack your lunch and pique nique bags, sun cream and you will be set for the day! Go by boat or take a taxi and book your return!


The Si Kaew beach (picture above) is a bit busier with chilled restaurants and bars on the beach, you can stay all day and all night! On the west side of the Koh Samet island you will find the quieter Coral beach, stylish dining by the sea and the sunset. The sand quality at Koh Samet is very good, soft and white coral sand.

LONELY BEACH – where the backpackers stay


Koh Chang is the second largest island in Thailand and has many smaller beaches and less travelled areas where you can find your own little oasis. At Lonely Beach you will find the backpackers, and no high end sun beds – so bring your own towel, a sun hat and you are set! Lovely sunset and if you stay for later, get a nice drink at the Nature’s beach bar or stay for BBQ… I promise you laid back and back packer style – but you don’t have to stay there – just enjoy the beach for the entire day and sunset drinks!

PHUKET – tourist trap? Here are some good news! 
At Phuket there are many beaches, and the best small ones are on tiny islands you reach by day trips. The best one on the main island I have so far enjoyed is the Surin Beach in the north and Nai Harn beach in the south. I have travelled to Phuket for more than 25 years, and been to all places both high season and off season, including Patpong, Kata and Karon beach.

PHUKET: SURIN BEACH – trendy and relaxed! 


When visiting the Surin beach it was a new experience and this is a beach which is less travelled and more relaxed that the bigger and more commercial beaches. The Catch Beach Club and the resorts around are great. I have stayed at the Twin Palm which was a great experience.

PHUKET: NAI HORN – costal beach for surfing waves!


Outdoor lovers – find your paradise beach on Phuket – it offers costal winds and waves breaking beautifully. Picture above is sunset over the beach from the Phuket Yacht Club hotel. National parks with windmills at this southern part of Phuket.

Beyond PHUKET: RACHA ISLAND –  pristine clear blue ocean


The Racha Resort is both a beautiful hideaway and a pristine beach. I recommend to stay over night, and avoid the day trip option. When the day trip tourists leave at 3 pm its a true paradise. The sand is fantastic white and its a coral beach with beautiful colours and shades of turquoise. The island is good for diving.

Beyond PHUKET: KHAO LAK –  beautiful beach perfect for long walks   

Khao Lak is a great surprise – its not as commercial as the long beaches on Phuket Island, and you can have a long walk on the beach. Peaceful, beautiful and relaxed athmosphere with palmtrees on the beach. Top rated hotels like the Sarojin is found here.

KOH TAO – some hideaways still to be found


Koh Tao is a tourist destination, so be aware that there are others wanting to snorkle and dive in these waters! You can still find your own little piece of it, and I recommend the beach of Haad Tien resort that enjoys a long beach with beautiful sand, tropical palm trees and other trees that are home for colourful butterflies. The small beaches close by are almost your private beach, accessible with boat or kayak! Sand bottoms offer swimming pool feeing in the ocean. No tourist trap and you snorkel by yourself!

Thats all for now, stay tuned for new posts!


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