3 years in Bangkok with internet TV (OTT) only


Its about time to take a look back and reflect over my OTT TV project and how this has affected my TV viewing pattern and habits after 3 years without cable TV.  First of all the biggest challenge has been the instable broadband – and having said that – its been on and off, and when working its been great!

What have we watched and what have we missed?

With an American iTunes account and Apple TV we have watched great content on HuluPlus and Netflix. Particularly TV series like House of Cards, Lillyhammer, Modern Family, Revenge and of course MadMen have been great. Small crisis if our account (voucher) have been out of credits when last episodes of series were released, but we managed…

Revenge image Madmen

We have watched a lot of great stuff from YouTube, and with a curated list and favorites we have enjoyed many genres of media content. My Yoga training sessions with personal trainers, travel and Grand Designs programs. News have been mostly via Apple TV and airplay, from internet news sites in Norway or the US. We have followed the Olympics official accounts on YouTube. The summer games in London had great content published. Well done to London! Internet TV really worked. For all other larger sports events this have been extremely poor, including the winter games in Sochi, where only Russian channels were accessible without cable TV or satellite.


Did we go crazy? Yes a few times, and also when we had to change VPN. Thanks to YouTube we had many great discoveries.

Did we see less TV? Perhaps yes, but most of all we had no linear TV and did only choose what we wanted, no passive feed, even though a passive feed can be an evening with TV series….

I would love to hear from you on your experiences on OTT TV, particularly in developing markets without broadband highway! How has internet TV changed your TV viewing habits?


7 thoughts on “3 years in Bangkok with internet TV (OTT) only

  1. Sure… here goes! 😉

    My primary learning: I no longer have the patience for weekly scheduling of shows I like: it has to be on my own timing and I want to be able to ‘burst’ when I have the opportunity (i.e. watch numerous episodes in one sitting).

    Also lost the patience for low quality writing in an otherwise promising concept. Consequently I’ll lose interest faster and need more to keep my attention (kudos to shows like House of Cards, The Newsroom, etc.).

    Finally, my TV is now virtually a radio-substitute when it’s on… VH1, NatGeo (now gone all Storage Wars and Restoration) or anything where noise and the occasional image is enough… Otherwise don’t care, I’m vacuuming.

    On the flipside: I’ll make the effort to devote my attention to something when I’m watching on demand – time, space, no distractions all need to be right for me to begin. When the quality and the time is right = WHEN I want to!

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