Pangkor Laut – Private island resort with the best SPA

Pangkor Laut is a beautiful private resort island on the west coast of Malaysia. It’s located a 3 hours drive from Kuala Lumpur and you access only by the resort hotels boat. Its a tropical hideaway with fast access from the city. Once you get there it’s relaxed and quiet. This blog post is mostly about the Spa Village.


The island has beaches on two sides, but only the emerald bay is suited for swimming. The island resort has beautiful suites and rooms, all in delicate tropical contemporary design. A fabulous reception and library area greets the guests to a relaxed getaway with its Balinese style design – no walls and open space design.

The restaurants are all worth a visit, and with full board packages you can count on a food feast in all different eateries, from the large restaurant to your Chinese restaurant or a meal by the beach. Fresh fruits, vegetables, fish and meat in all variations. Fusion foods and classics.

The SPA is a must – a tropical hideaway gem 

The spa has various packages and I have tried different combinations. The bath experience is highly recommended. A true pampering in beautiful environment.


This spa has received many awards and is recognized as one of the best in Asia and Malaysia. The rainshower is the fabulous entrance, after you have slipped into the spa outfit all provided by the Spa Village.


Warm and cold experiences – rain showers and hot tubs in the jungle. Followed by Japanese bath and potential scrub and body peeling before a fantastic massage or other treatment awaits.


Spa Village has separate accommodation for a perfect spa experience. Separate pool with beautiful beach and view of the spa village. Small relaxing rooms and full privacy also on the beach.


Think I need to go again… Soon!


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