Esthetic and feng-shui in office spaces

During my travels I have found many esthetic places and spaces. In my blog for architecture and interior design I will try to post some of these.

D’House, aka Digi Telecommunications HQ in Subang, outside Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, has a feng shui design and greets it’s busy business visitors and employees every morning with perfect energy flow and water features. Flower arrangements makes the esthetic vision perfect.

Chilling and welcoming meeting and sitting areas at Dtac House, Bangkok. I captured this photo a long time back, and can today recognize the table from my favorite Kenkoon.
Below is one of the amazing wall features at Grameenphone House and the telecommunication operators HQ in Dhaka Bangladesh. Inspiring art surrounds the employees in it’s daily hasty life. A truly unique HQ with crazy Dhaka traffic just outside the doors.



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