My personal OTT-only TV project

Since September 2011 I’ve been experimenting with my personal “OTT only TV project “. This means i have a big screen TV, but it is only linked to internet and i have not signed up for cable TV. I’m not connected with any terrestrial TV channels.

I have so far only been viewing tv from apple tv podcasts or streaming via my Apple TV. Only some via PC, including news viewing via iPad etc. I don’t count web tv viewing into this. The OTT experience: It’s actually working, as long as you have organized favorites with updated podcasts on news (particularly important for fresh news), and my love for certain tv shows (MadMan season 5). As of films it’s probably the best. I think the Ott option is the best, both for buying and rental than to buy any DVD myself. And I live in pirate heaven Bangkok. Did not find what I was looking for at the local shops and will gladly pay for the convenience and availability via OTT. The western price point are nevertheless too high for a mass market in asia, at least the western releases. So my opinion is that for the local audience any OTT player here this must be carefully investigated for the business case. That’s all for now…


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